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An Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno, a Dewalt 998 drill, and some jigs so far.

I have a pistol bit auger and an Amped Outdoors lithium battery on my Christmas List, along with even more jigs.

2 new pistons in the Ski-doo, and a box of jigs from AMPED outdoors.

A 3 man hub and a homemade minnow cooler...similar to the Frabill and Engle styles at a fourth the cost.

My list is nice and long! I hope I don't realize how much money that i have spent by writing it all out.
-eskimo outbreak 650xd. I sold my ff 6120i and upgraded to the full-length door. It looks and feels way nicer.
-Jason Mitchell Dead meat @32M. Feels like a super nice rod. A good in-between for my tickle and my avid ice.
-picsfun ICX in-line reel and their ICE-5 spinner. Both feel super nice. Put the ICX on my tickle and the ICE-5 on the dead meat. Replaced my 13 descent, which I love, but the mrs needed a nice panfish reel on her 13 wicked.
-a bunch of ram mounts to mount my helix 5 and 7 in the castle, and then more to set up my shuttles too.
-burtec wheel skirts for the house
-Milwaukee hammer drill and Kdrill 8.5" auger
-ultimate outdoors rattle reels and solid mounts to mount my rattles onto the Katz covers.
-I am trying 6lb fluoro on my heavier rods this year. It is almost as thin as my *new* clam 2 lb metered mono, so maybe I'll be able to fish my walleye rods for panfish as a dead stick.
-bought a couple of packs of the clam silkies. Seem cool. We'll see.

I think that I am done. There is definitely more, like I built a 12 rod cedar holder to mount in the castle, I am building 8 "otter style" rod holders that will be modular between my sled and the house, I made my lift-bed light cordless.... it goes on and on. Definitely the most excited i have been for an ice season this year.


Sold my snowmobile and bought this:

Also looking for an enclosed cargo trailer to haul it and the the rest of my gear.

Our High Uinta lakes should be ready to hard deck fish in a couple of weeks.  Life is good.


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