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Seems like I cant start a new ice fishing season without also getting near gear (beyond just new line and lures).

The past few years have been: Several rods, a Humminbird Ice 35, a few jaw jackers, new heater, Clam plate/drill for my auger, Striker Ice Armor.

This year I have purchased a new shanty. I had a Frabill suitcase style shanty. Good for two people, folds down nicely, good weight and has a floor. Not super portable once on the ice and at times in the wind it could be less than ideal.

So I have upgraded to a 1-man flip over and went with the Frabill Recruit. Good weight and fishable area. Decent pack size and seating option. Not as tall as the suitcase (I wont be able to stand up in it) but should be ok. I am actually still in the process of assembling it as I slow make some mods based on others experience. I got runners for it and installed those (though I am looking at building a sled as well as I believe it will improve ease of movement even more). I am painting the inside of the tub a light gray so it will be easier to spot dropped gear against that vs the black. A friend has a flip over with a black tub and he said it is like a black hole if you drop something. Really hard to find lures, etc. I've seen a few others do it too. Will be waxing the poles as I assemble as well and looking at options for lighting. Nothing to fancy (individually battery powered vs running a bunch off of one larger batter). I'm keeping the suitcase shanty as it would be more ideal for 2 people if I ever need that. The recruit could fit two but it would be tight.

So far that is it for this year. A chance I could still go for a rod or two but with 10+ already probably not needed haha. Next year I am already considering the Strikemaster 24V 8" auger.

Anyone else get / planning to get some new toys for the season?


 14 spoons so far , need a few horizontal jigs ,

hardwater diehard:
So far some LED string lights ..small battery pack for same ..a XL Jet Sled ..Okuma 1000 bait feeder...

Starting off slow with a few micro rattle baits and soft plastics.

Hopefully by the time the season starts Iíll have a new electric auger setup, though Iím still researching on what exactly my options are and which style or brand would be right for me.

I'll probably build a couple new rods, and might get a new auger for my drill.


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