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--- Quote from: Iceshanty on Feb 01, 2005, 04:05 PM ---Sorry the old tipup tip archive was off-site and I no longer have the server. I will move the files soon and fix the links asap.


--- End quote ---

On top of things, as always, Scott. You're 'da "fisher" man, you are, you are!!!   :o


I moved the archives and the links should all work now.  :Have any problems gimme a shout. tipup:


Cecked it out and it is working fine now.

Thanks Scott!!!


That polar...did you ever try putting duct tape under the line guide to keep it from turning when fish are light hitting? First time I noticed was standing right next to the hole, saw the guide rotating on the main shft never tripping the flag which was set as light as possible. Stuck a little tape on the shaft to keep guide in place and started hitting perch and eyes twice as often ;D


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