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In 2008 i took a bad fall and hit my head toughed it out only to find out that was damn stupid. After a trip to the ER i found out that i had a moderate to severe concussion and doc took my ability to fish away for a month and a half, 3 days after my fall this is what i woke up to "i had to go back to the hospital again this morning do to  blood in my right ear and eye and a bloody nose that wouldn't stop all because i only had toe cleats so please get full foot cleats and avoid having your season destroyed by a bad accident i am not doing well from a "simple fall" that turned out top be much more serious
aperantly i bruised my brain and pressure build up blew a vessel in my outer ear and sinuses so please be careful everyone
this really scared me and i dont wasnt anyone on here hurt like me

you bet. a fall on the ice can be a painfull and dangerous thing. That stuff is hard. I fell twice and fortunately didn't hit my head. I have a pair of the stabilicer cleats that only have the toe cleats. The things are a waste of time and ended up to be more dangerous than having no cleats. I'll be getting better ones this year for sure.

 I always carry a back up pair in case my main pair fails, its a dangerous day with out cleats, and With the winters we've had lately glare ice has been more common. Heal up hope your in fighting shape for this ice season

I am going to add to your post from an experience that happened to me. I broke through the ice in 14 feet of water on a 5 degree day. Fortunately I was able to get out of the water and onto safe ice by myself. The trek back to my car was only about 200 yards but I was frozen stiff when I got back there. I had plenty of warm and dry clothes in the car for that reason. I started the car to get it warmed up and changed clothes on the spot. I always keep extra clothes in the car just in case, this time it proved to be worthwhile. I have had to change a few times when I got rained on. Just in case the clothes are there.

thanks for the share!

a friend of mine fell (not ice fishing) and had about the same thing happen to him. he went to ER and they sent him home only to return a few days later with his brain hemorrhaging too. they remove a piece of skull bone for the swelling brain to bulge from and sewed the skull bone to the inside of his buttocks to keep it alive to put back later. it did cause brain damage and he is still getting better and had to go thru rehab to relearn some things like motor skills and such.
i've seen plenty of back of the head shots from strangers hitting ice too. so far they all got back up on their own and kept going, but were probably in danger and didn't know it yet.

this is why i decided to wear ice racing screws in all of my boots. you don't have to be ice fishing to have this happen to you. it can happen any where any time in winter.
i fell shoveling snow and landed on my elbow on concrete and it's never been the same since. for those who have not fallen down, you fall so fast it seems unbelievable. there is no time to react when your in a slip fall and then you find out how fast we fall. i wonder if any one has measured the speed. last i knew if you dropped some thing to measure the speed it was 10 miles per hour.
you can drive with this type of protection on too and know your much safer where your going when you get out. i did pick up two pair of korker tundra jacks (thanks mark ;) ) that have steal pins in them for slip protection and i am anxious to try them out too.


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