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When pulling a sled

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Well, if you have to pull it, get a harness.

I tried the Clam harness and broke it.  Some guys use a deer drag harness.  I was thinking about trying one from the fitness industry this season. 

This one caught my eye...



ship of fools:
Another vote for the Smitty sled here .....  i routinely walk a mile plus with a loaded up 2 man clam set up on my smitty sled.

As for a harness I use an old golf bag strap nicely padded and strong, as for cheap ski's try a goodwill store or a resale shop. Good luck.

When I had to pull out a Clam 5600, I used longer ropes and a climbing harness with carabiners.

boss j:
smitty sleds are the way to go. they pull like theres nothing behind you and are easy to make. also i got my skis for free by calling the local ski shops and asking if they had any they were throwing away. heres the link i posted picks on:



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