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When pulling a sled

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hardwater diehard:

--- Quote from: UFCreel on Sep 02, 2014, 05:30 PM ---Heck I have to stop to catch my breath sled or no sled. Find some young guys and take them fishing. They pull better and longer than us older guys.

--- End quote ---
"Take a kid fishing" ..."and let'em drag your gear"....so that's what that slogans true point is ..a buddys kid had to drag my "fully loaded" Otter sled (pre Smitty sled) up a long steep boat ramp once ...thank god for him otherwise I would have given my sled a Viking funeral right then and there ..Smitty Sleds Rock!!!! :flex: :flex: :flex:

Your not kidding , these days I have lightened up the first and last ice load to 80 lbs , which helps a great deal , getting old , does have advantages and disadvantages , smittys Rule

I pull my sled all the time furthest I'll go is 1 mile 1 way. I got some straps for free that are kinda like seatbelt strapsthey have a loop on each end I run the strap through the loop sling it across my right shoulder to my left arm pit then I do the other strap the same across my other side and attach the straps to the sleds string with carabeaner clip. This puts more space between me and the sled giving me leverage and puts no strain on my arms...used to feel like I was going to rip my arm off after a while. Using a thick strap say 3+ inches wide helps keep strain off the areas the strap crosses your body. I have been wanting to build a Smitty for years just haven't found the motivation to actually do it. Like others said a longer rope helps alot o harness of some kind helps a ton and a Smitty sled pulls like a dream. The things to consider is drag and leverage making a Smitty reduces drag greatly helps the sled float as apossed to plow and being able to use your upper body for leverage works great. In fact last year I pulled my father in law around the lake all day he's about 220lbs and can hardly walk anymore but loves to fish. It wasn't easy but wouldn't have been possible without the long straps.

big scott:
I use a fall protection harness from work which I modified a little......works great !

I think the final solution is to combine the ideas below:

1. Don't take a lot of crap! Heavy sleds pull hard and load hard.

2. Build a Smitty! cuts the effort down by 5:1 at least

3. Wax your skis like a racer! Save another 25%

4. Get an old pack Frame and use the belt, or some other type of pulling harness

5. Put the above harness on a young guy and dangle a beer in front of his nose until you reach the fishing spot.



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