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When pulling a sled

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I'm assuming that with a larger sled, packed full of gear, your gonna wanna be pulling it with an atv  or ski doo right?

Just wondering because I will more then likely have neither. I'm sure I could pull it myself, but really for how long? I'd rather not pull 100+ lbs of gear more than a mile or two by hand! I don't think anyway.


couple hundred feet if lucky..  how i do it is find some were that you can gain access threw either from road side parking or some other means close buy and hike in  here is a Canadian lake map listing from a lot of the lake in Manitoba Canada . see link for maps they cost about $7.95 each ... that and if you got a gps and a maps to go with like  programs for the gps.   maybe study them  and find close access to honey holes that may produce... crappie are going to be in the shallows 15-20 fow walleye deep and lake trout deeper walleye do hunt flats and weed lines or weedy edges for prey. like perch and minnows. you can set tip ups along weed edges.   this is ware those books i suggested  will help with studying these maps or any map and help figure out the lakes.. now would be a time to explore with canoe or boat to find weed edges etc ...on the lake that hold the fish you seek... if you got a gps then mark those locations best you can. 


hardwater diehard:
Solution Smitty sled..... http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=103927.0  this the main thread ...many other threads to explore happy building ....and yes they truly work ..important note you must have a 16 foot or so rope ...good waxed skis

other option is Hyfax installed on your sled I would still go with a Smitty sled first  .I have a medium Otter sled ..very tough pulling loaded on its own ...now my Jet sled pulls much easier...add the Smitty and all equals out .

yep, make a smitty sled. get a pair of ski's cheap, don't have to be anything special. One word to the wise, make it as wide as you can to keep from tipping over in rough terrain. The Smitty inspired sled I made tips over in deeper snow cuz it's too narrow.

hardwater diehard:
Also with the Smitty keep the weight towards the rear ...I made mine out of 2"x6"x12" for the risers and 2"x3" for the cross braces(saved a lil weight as opposed to 2x4) ..placed the back of the rear riser 1 foot from the end of the ski...with the cross brace's center approximately  14 or so inches from skis end ..the front riser placement is going to be based on ski length and preference ..but remember weight toward the rear ..not certain how high you can go with the riser ie: 2"x8" or 2"x 10" or 2"x12"  before being top heavy gets to be a real concern ..I don't get that much snow (except this past season) to warrant a taller riser ...other location my differ...used mine on a 1/3 of a mile trek(very loaded w/gear) with such ease ...prior trips(no smitty) had to scale down quite a bit


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