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Hey guys i was wondering if any of you have tried the quick strike rigs that set the hook when the fish takes it?  And more important if you use these and traps would you say that you get a fish to stay on more or less than if you just let him take the bait and swallow it like on a trap?

we use them pike well :tipup:

Ditto Bluefin.  That's pretty much all I use when pike fishing.

? --for you guys that use them??? ???

Not that it makes a huge difference to me..but, they are also known as 'quick kill rigs?"

Unless your just targeting large fish. 

I'm never seen one in action, so, I'm just relaying what's I've been told/read and not sure if  I'd use one based on the fact that a 20" Pike could get he first treble 12" down his gullet and the top treb in the mouth?  Who need to be pulling out two trebs?  One's enough w/some of those monstah mouths...

Or am I not understanding how they work correctly?  I'm all for slaying the Pike, and leaving food for the other critters/birds on the ice, but when we get 30-40flags a day and plenty of fish iced, who needs another treble to get hooked on?

Is there some link or mpeg to show how these work?

I lip hook 99.9% of them


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