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I don't know how many of you use Heritage traps , but I have always had a problem with the mast not staying in the holder. I don't know how many times I've almost poked my eye out when setting out my traps. What I did to cure this was to buy some picture eye screws. You know the kind that you screw in the frame and run a wire thru so that you can hang the picture. I put the eye screw above the flag holder about four inches. The eye isn't solid so you can take your needlenose pliers  and open it up enough to allow the mast slide in. Just another rainy day idea.

yep this a problem with HL's. i copied jrealxin's idea of usin the little velcro strips called onewraps from home depot.

Normally in storage i leave them up so as not to get any surprise fly ups but i have come close to losing an eye when i am trying to set them as well. Still looking for a way to make them catch more fish ;D ;D :P

a put some bait on that there hook  ;D

Good idea and picture Scott. Are those slippers yours? ;D


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