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  I just hope we have ice on opening day.

never had that problem up north here. problem is theres plenty of ice by mid dec. with no lakes open to fishing til' jan.1. you would think it would be the opposite up north as it is down you guys way.

Here is one to ponder guys - Jacksmelt brings up a great point - Ice but nothing open.  I commend what the State has done for opening up more open water / catch and release opportunities through Nov. 30th, etc.  Picture this - statewide no open and ice seasons per say.  When there is ice you can ice fish and when there's none you can open water.  I've had many years that I could safely ice fish on my home water Dec. 15th (great ice skating) and into early April but couldn't because its a class B lake.  The state could still have there catch and release rules for salmonids, etc. until Jan. 1.  What do you guys think?  Do you think the State would be less than receptive because of safety, management, etc.?  I believe that might be the message but not sure it passes the "straight face" test.  After all, speaking from a safety standpoint, we are responsible for ourselves no matter what time of year as you can't, and shouldn't, try to legislate common sense.  Has any else ever thought along these lines?   

if safety was a issue they wouldnt have first ice waters in the first place. a head biologist up our way told me that the reason that they open lakes for first ice is these lake are full of junk fish for the most part and they arent concerened about survivability. where as cold water species are more susceptable to shock and the mortallity of released fish would be very high.i understand where hes coming from there . problem is in n. aroostook co. there isnt any warm water fish only lakes to open for first ice in the first place. i guess i should be happy for that. but it would be nice to be able to fish before jan. 1. closest place from me is a good 2 hrs south around houlton!


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