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Missed Shark Trip by 4 days

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i got one this year at the derby 18 incehs   top that  LOL

not a tropht but a real nice fish  WTG  ;) id say over 20 is a trophy , at least thats my own goal to get a 20+ lber

minnowman any fish that you catch and consider a trophy is a trophy nice fish man congrats


--- Quote from: minnowman on Mar 24, 2005, 08:22 AM ---Had so much fun on Saturday I decided to take my wife and son to Sabattus.  We caught a 35" pike that weighed 11 pounds :o  Just curious, is that a trophy for the lake?  It was for us ;D ;D

--- End quote ---
nice one!  anything over a trophy for me......they look nice being released back into the lake too ;D

I heard there were big ones in belgrade lake??
Isnt that near agusta?


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