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Thanks again to ben and scott for all for all the prep for this great day .  The praise goes to that pitched in ant,annie,lou,norm,the list goes on. Even when the goin got rough, THE TEAM pitched in helpin from getting weav goin  to start the day throughout............ ..............

 A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE HELPED ME get my sunken truck out which ended out northern track . IT was a true team effort .We still had fun on the south end. With just two flags to show for the day , catchin the big one was high on my list but havin fun was...donuts,chowda,jokes,was a fun day and again scott ...congrads you worked hard movin those traps on that iffy leg .....had fun with with the whole bunch................. ...... :tipup:

There was a deer on the ice down on the southend early but moved on quickly as did our rodent just didn't hang around

AGAIN THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

i would also like to thank larry and sally and brian the icefishin nuts, without them i would been sleeping there. they really saved the day for me. i love that about our group when you need some help you got plenty of friends to pitch in.

hey scott was that the guy on the grizzly / matracks
                      that thing was cool i seen him coming across the lake looked like he was rippin it up
                      and was that your trailer he was haulin we all need one , no two of those things

thats was him! that thing was really cool  :o  saved my butt thats for sure  :-\ the trailer with the skis on it was his mine hed wheels and was schtukk!!


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