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No Dice Again


   Been a little under the weather with a cold, no energy, etc.  Couldn't get going early, but after lunch couldn't stand it any longer and headed for the Jenkins Beach end of Green Lake to take one more stab at a togue.  Had smelts on 2 traps (one just under the ice and one at 15 feet), dead or wounded suckers on other 3, (on bottom).

   Fished 2-6:17 PM (last legal second) and no flags.  Occasionally pulled one trap and jigged a variety of things, also to no avail. 

   I know togue fishing can be a waiting game and I accept that.  They are worth it to me.  I really wanted to be putting time in towards a noteworthy fish today, and you never know...4 hrs. can be enough.  I felt better for going, and am that much closer to my next togue now...looks like it will be next year, though, as next weekend is taken up with work. 

   24-28" of ice, but it is getting porous and granular, spring is coming!

I am headed to Fields today.  Crappie here I come! :tipup: :tipup: :tipup:


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