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Nice Smallie!  Glad to hear you release them too, that smallie in the pic is probably 7 years old or so.  I hate seeing people with stringers full of smallies, it doesn't take much pressure to wipe out an otherwise great stretch of river.  Did you catch that beaut on artificial or live bait? 
Guess it's finally time to break out the waders!  WOOOOHOOOOO!  If you fish the Muncie fork of the White, there's a good chance I'll see you sometime.  Good luck.........

No waders right now all of my fish so far have came on artificial. And I dont ever use any live bait on them, I like not having to worry about caring for bait and tryin to keep them alive. I fish the river all the time, so hope to see you out there someday.

Couldn't agree with you more asphalt. Live bait takes the fun out of it for me.  Can't wait till the walk the dog action heats up.  Until then, I'll be pitching the soft plastics and rapalas.


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