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[CLOSED] Seaguar Ice Fishing Picture Post Giveaway #1

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Seaguar Ice Fishing Picture Post Giveaway

How to Enter?
Simply reply to this post and link or upload one of your ice fishing pictures from this season using "Add image to post" link.
So you don't have ice by the end of December?  Frozen dog dish, puddle or pond will do, if it's worse some ice in your drink!.
At the end of the entry period I will randomly select 10 winners from the submissions for one of the Seaguar Fishing Line Packages!

One post entry only please!

Contest Entry Period
Nov 27 - Dec 31

The Prize Pack
For this first round we have Heavyweight package-10 winners get a spool of 10, 12 and 15 lb test of IceX fluorocarbon

Seaguar is adding 10, 12 and 15 lb test to its IceX fluorocarbon line. Now available in 2,3,4,6,8,10,12,15 pound test.

Seaguar IceX is a new, 100% fluorocarbon line designed exclusively for the rigors of ice fishing. Precision engineered using only genuine Seaguar resins, IceX is a must-have addition to every hardwater anglerís tackle arsenal. IceX is a low memory, micro-diameter ice line thatís engineered from exclusive Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon resins. It is built for hard water performance, providing exceptional knot and tensile strength and abrasion resistance even on the coldest days. Because IceX is a fluorocarbon line, it is virtually invisible underwater and has almost zero stretch. As a result, IceX is extremely sensitive, helping you detect more bites and catch more fish.

Bring on the ice! Good luck to all!

First fish of the 2023-2024 ice season for me.


No ice yet, itís coming!!!




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