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Who's seeing some early ice out there....guessing Northern Iowa may have some?

Everything small in Central Iowa has been locked up for the last 2-3 days. It wouldn't surprise me if there were a couple of protected ponds that had fishable ice first thing yesterday morning with the single digit temps. A few of the ponds I saw driving around for work looked like the ice was pretty dang solid.

I think most everything will open back up today but it won't be long now.

The way itís looking it will most likely be around the first of the year. Par for the course.

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The best I can say about the current forecast for December in terms of making ice in Iowa is that forecasts a month out are never really right.

Selfish Shack:
With float suit, spikes and a spud bar in hand, going to check out some of the 3-4" ice around Clear Lake tomorrow. Sure hope my next report isn't as a feature of the evening news. 


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