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Planning on going to onalaska ice fishing next weds. I know a few of you have gone to that area in the last couple of weeks. Any advise or updates on the ice conditions between now and weds would be appreciated. Been many years since my last trip up there and it was always on first ice. I've been doing alot of on line research of reports and the fishing areas but any first hand info would be great. Thanks Big R

Wallin was just there well about 45 miles south of there. and at that time it was -0 but he also said it was going to rain, you should drop him a line

We never went north of Ferryville. They got alot of snow up there. Lots of iffy and bad ice. Sorry I can't help but I would Google some of the bait shops and see what they can tell you. Do not go on any water with a current. I joined Wisconsin ice fishing on Facebook and befriended a few of there guys for info. Lots of open water, seen alot of boats fishing below the dams. Spud bar for sure. We went with a guide on a airboat, $150 a day but a time and safe ice. Bill'sOutdoorNetwork by Desoto. Besafe and wish you a good trip


Here's there site, try a post.

Good luck and be safe Big R!!  I was on 11inches of Ice Feb. 17-19th in Cadillac Michigan.  That was my last trip out for the year.


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