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Big muddy river trip

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Great trip of a life time, I struggled a little till the end, tough conditions with the cold front, tons of northerns caught and no limits but a few of the guys found there groves right away, for me it ended up being the smallest chartreuse jig in my bag. 8 guys and a lifetime of memories, cold airboat ride but what a trip for sure. Here's some pics for you all.


Here's the house I rented for the trip.

and now you know way I always talk about the river, and why I have gone so many times, I really love the driftless area and the Mississippi.  nice job Tom.

Thanks for taking the time to post the pics.  Looks like a great trip and quality fish were caught.   I remember my neighbor at the lake in the early 70's always took trips there for ice fishing and early summer for gill fishing.

Looks like a great trip! Way to go!


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