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Been thinking about doing this for a while, will be chronicling my 2014-2015 ice season with pictures and video, I'll try and include gear load-outs and bait information as well as presentation. I also plan on sharing some ideas for shack upgrades, I'm in the process of making a portable power supply and will be rigging up a lighting system in my shack as well. Stay tuned!

Well the rain kept me out of the woods and off the ice today, was hoping to sneak out on the earlier ice I've ever been on but by tomorrow it will be just a memory. Definitely jealous of anyone who had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the early ice bite. From various social media sites it looked like there were some pretty good fish to be caught. Spent the morning in the garage wiring up the lights I'd picked up a few months ago off of ebay and hadn't had a chance to tinker with yet. Thanks to several members on the site for the idea on the power supply, thought about doing something similar to this yet a little less fancy a while back but never got around to it. This site is a huge resource of knowledge and ideas and the search button can be a useful tool to help you along. Anyway, off of the soap-box. When I first purchased the lights I was curious what sort of adhesive would be on the back, the strips on the back are super strong foam adhesive strips similar to those they use on the back of the molding on the side of vehicles, just to be safe I sanded the area I was adhering them to lightly with 800 grit paper. I ended up getting most of the wiring supplies from Menard's but you could pick them up from any hardware store, I used exterior landscaping wire that you would use for the old style of landscape lighting. Picked up the switch and the 12 v sockets at an auto parts store, also picked up a digital 12 volt voltmeter off of ebay and got that worked into the box as well. To attach the lighting to the power supply I bought a male end 12 v adapter that you can attach the cables into and screw down without having to solder anything. Took some pictures to show off what I did, will take more once I have the opportunity to use it on the ice, don't think I'll be needing my gas lantern anymore! Less weight equals easier haul! Sounds like possible snow tonight and some colder overnight lows this week. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and enjoys their time with their families, be safe if you get to go out and good luck!


Overkill? Probably. Do I care? No!

Plenty of light to see the ice, even with my legs in front of the light.

I'll add a picture of the inside of the box here in the next day or two when I get a chance to get to the garage again.

Shack man Shoney:
Lookin very nice!!!

Looks great! Nice and bright!

Awesome job....


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