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Using fluorocarbon for first time

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Hey guys. 

Iíve always used braided line (fire line) or mono and tied to a snap swivel or directly on for walleye.  But I keep reading of guys using fluorocarbon as a leader.

Dumb question here, but what is the reason for this method?  Iíve never used fluorocarbon a day in my life.  How come you can just use fluorocarbon as your main line instead of just a leader?  And how abouts do you tie the leader on to main line and then jig?

Really appreciate it.  Thanks

Because its coily,likes to unravel off the spool,stiff with no not a fan of it for mainline.

Thatís some good info, thank u.  The kind my wife got me for Xmas is chartreuse in color and I believe 8# test. Should this work well for a leader?   Also, do you tie main line to swivel then to leader or tie directly?


Im not sure id use hi viz for leader.i mainly use clear because its supposed to be invisible.anyways i use a barrel swivel to attach.


--- Quote from: Van Noord on Dec 28, 2021, 02:24 PM ---Fluorocarbon as a leader only because it sinks faster and gets your bait down quicker and it's virtually invisible in water. Very high abrasion resistance as well.
 You don't use it as a main line because it is too dense and uncoils much too rapidly.

--- End quote ---
Exactly. I like it because it sinks and fluoro holds up better on the edges of the hole where the ice forms and could break on a big one. And I either use a swivel or will tie the lines together like you would for fly-fishing leader, just depends on what I'm fishing.


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