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Fat Boy:
Folks, please keep the discussions on this forum ice fishing related.  Otherwise threads will be moved to the off topic section of Iceshanty.  This includes threads about fishing open water.  If you want to discuss open water fishing and keep the threads on PA, then please register and post these discussions and fishing reports on

Fat Boy:
Itís OK to post anything that would be an advantage to ice fishing in PA.  Mentioning draw downs, news, map info, lake access info, lake info, anything like that is OK.  If people are posting open water fishing reports then they should go to  That site was designed exactly like Iceshanty for just that very purpose, to post open water fishing.  If everyone did that then the traffic on that site would be up as well.  The other option for them is to use the off topic section of iceshanty.  When someone sees a post about a lake looking for something that can help them on the ice only to find out that someone is posting an open water spring time crappie report, how is that useful to ice fishing?  This is a recent phenomenon too, not the intent of the site.

Fat Boy:
OK, I just found out that you can't post and reply in the off topic board on this site.  It's a place where threads are moved but you can't reply.  So, if you want to post open water fishing reports then you can click here and post them on 

Thanks for your cooperation.


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