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Hook sharpening

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Esox fisherman:
When sharpening a hook for open water or tip ups I would sharpen the front 8 times and sides 6 times with my sharpening stone but that seems like it would make a hook on a small jig too brittle how much would you guys sharpen with a smaller lure

Just enough to feel it grab when dragged across a fingernail. Same for all my hooks.

A couple of strokes across a Rapala hook-sharpening stone does the trick…”fingernail” sharp!

On small hook points I only angle two sides to get that triangle point.  When it fingernail grabs, it's good enough.  If nothing else just run it straight through the file groove and go with that.

For small hooks, I find a diamond bit fingernail file works better than my "stones" and just touch them up till sticky sharp, no more or less...


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