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Flip over and ATV transport

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I bought the Otter XT hideout this year, which is large for a 1 man but I was/am hoping small enough to transport in the back of my truck with an ATV to avoid pulling a trailer. Does anyone else do this? It wont fit behind my ATV so I'm wondering if anyone has any DIY mods for transporting on top of the ATV or similar. I see they make a box extender that attaches to the hitch which might work as well.

I have some ideas, like setting the shack on the ATV seat and strapping to the back rack somehow. But then I have to remove my back box. I think the hitch box extender would work but it'd be nice to have some first hand reviews from someone that does that. Hauling a trailer is just one more thing that could go wrong being as I usually travel 2 hrs one way most weekend.


Will this work?


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Well this work?

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I think my flip might be too long to haul like that, but that's a sweet set up. I assume that's custom made?

hardwater diehard:
I have the Shappell ATV rack(discontinued) is a link to the dimensions..may be have it fabricated locally ..


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