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The catfish threads seem a little dead, so I thought Iíd start a new topic. Iím hoping to find some time this winter to target channel cats IF I can find them (Iíve only caught small ones so far while panfishing).
I would like to hear if it is worth targeting them during the day? or is at dusk/nighttime the only times that channel cats of decent size seem to bite?

I'm not the most seasoned ice fisher, but all the ones I've caught have been at dark in the evening....This is about a 16 incher from Punderson lake on east side of Cleveland, OH...
And...caught all mine on waxworms...didn't expect that....

From what Iíve read, wax worms are an effective bait for cats through the ice. Since I donít have a camera to drop down to survey spots, I also wonder if targeting cats during the day to find their general location could be worthwhile so I can come back in the evening/night for a better bite? Anyone have experience with this?

Channel cats can be tough to get in cold water. In some bodies of water, they do tend to bite in the winter. But the majority of waters that hold channels, you could fish all winter and never get one. Their drive to feed is based on their metabolism and if youíve ever studied a channels metabolism, they just donít eat in the winter. In some bodies of water, they do eat though and I havenít figured out why that is. I know plenty of lakes around here that hold channels and Iíve never heard of anybody ever getting one through the ice around here.

I've had some success with channel cats through the ice. I live in WY. Glendo and Keyhole are the two reservoirs I fish. Both have shad populations and shiners. In Keyhole there are rock walls with holes, like a cave, that catfish tend to hang around. I have several of these spots marked. I also target the river channel area. In Glendo river channel areas with boulders being good areas.

In-fisherman did a great article years ago and has a ton of information in it. :,while%20the%20bait%20is%20paused.


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