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What is a good knot to tie on small jigs? I normally use a Palomar knot. but on some of the smaller jigs I use, I canít get the line through they eye twice. I have used the clinch not, but I have had that one break too many times an I hate it.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

I like a Uni knot for lots of things. I'd have said improved clinch/Trilene knot but if you can't get the line through the eye twice that's out too.

hardwater diehard:
This may help for your preferred knot choice

I have switched from the clinch knot to the rapala knot or surgeons loop.i got tired of repositioning the jig after every bite.the rapala knot has a loop that holds fiskas or other horizontal jigs at the perfect angle.better jig action and hooksets.jmo

Thanks for the help, I will give those a try. Is that rapala knot and uniknot pretty strong?


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