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catfish rattlingn noise


For the first time I paid attention to the catfish rattle.  I always thought that they were burping the rattle..  However I saw the catfish used its pectoral fins.  It rattled as the catfish rattled it.  Thats amazing.

it is pretty cool! they actually make the noise similarly to the way crickets chirp, by rubbing two ribbed bones together.

I wonder the reason behind their rattle is.  Do they do it to be aggressive, like a hissing cat or growling dog?

Or like a rattling rattler?  They gonna strike with that barbed fin of theirs.  I know at least the little catfish, some will purposely try to sting you, when you release them.

fish don't deal with sound very often, and catfish deal with stuff above water even less. most likely it's a distress signal meant to send a very recognizable vibration pattern through the water. basically just saying "warning, i'm in danger, there's a predator here"

These aren't little catfish.  Decent in size.  22"-28" in length.  Now I've heard even the big ones in the 30"-34" length ones would rattle as well.  I just never paid attention to it.  I'm thinking croaking is probably a better description of what they're doing. 


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