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Store bought dough baits


I've never targeted cats before.  I'd like to try and set a few tip ups for them next time I'm out. Are those store bought dough baits any good?  Or should I just go for some cut bait.

i like the berkeley catfish chunks, but i've only ever had success with them in summer when the cats are feeding heavily. 1 inch squares of fresh cutbait are a much more reliable choice in winter. i've tried chicken liver as well, but usually the hook get picked clean by panfish before a catfish ever finds it.

best baits for icing channel cats are chicken livers & crappie minnows. with the minnows pinch off the head and use that or use the whole minnow alive under a foam slip bobber (something like a Venom Bobber or Ice Buster Bobber)if there is a lot of cats showing up on the flasher. as for the chicken liver a thing that will help with the bluegills not eating the liver is to slightly freeze it so that it will still be flexible (not froze solid) this will make it easier to put on the hook and for it to stay on the hook and make it so it is harder for the gills to eat it fast. the water will slowly thaw it releasing the blood to draw the cats in.  a non bait option that will work if the fish is active are spoons like the rattling flyer spoons from lindys. I find that glow red is a good starting color then followed by glow green or blue. the important part is that the spoon has a glow finish. dough baits are a summer time bait. they normally bring in smaller fish. In summer I find 1 inch pieces of cut sucker minnows  will produce larger fish.

got talking to a guy who exclusively targets catfish through the ice (kinda odd in southern Idaho, most guys only fish for trout) and he uses cutbaits covered in dipbait. he showed me some pictures from last year, and he was catching a lot of fish.

might be something to think about... unfortunately the ponds i target cats in are unsafe, so guess who doesn't get to try it out  :-\


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