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Bullheads through the ice

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The Ice Man:
i was wondering if any one had any tips on how to catch some bullheads through the ice

addicted to ice fishing:
I have never fished for them, however I know some people who would target them on a lake at night using chunks of beef for bait. They caught quite a lot of them.

I have gotten then with night crawlers, shiners, jigs, but they seem to love glow in the dark stuff.

There is a lake here in Pa that has Alot of bullheads. we targeted them one year and found that they hit great through the ice. we caught them two ways 1st way....cut bluegill on tip-ups. Tuna inside spawnee  sacks on tip-ups.
2nd way cut suckers on jigging rods
we also caught big channels this way but they were suspended  down 10'

Bacon on #6 baitholder


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