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Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: End of the Season
« Last post by bisonfisher on Today at 07:37 PM »
Make that WEATHER gods…..
Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: End of the Season
« Last post by bisonfisher on Today at 07:36 PM »
👍 Closest to a washout I have had in lo these many years. Hope to give it a final shot this week whether gods willing.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Rattle Reel Diameter
« Last post by HWeber on Today at 07:29 PM »
Shoot for 3.8", each rotation is approximately one foot of line
Ice Fishing Maine / Re: Worthley Pond
« Last post by Coach on Today at 06:45 PM »
We caught 2 nice Browns and had a little excitement. 

I had one trap that kept going off and after my 5th or 6th trip to the flag, the back of my sled broke thru the ice on my way to the trap and then #1Bassfisher stepped in an old ice hole and went up to his knee, but nobody got hurt and it was a Good day out on the ice for our 1st time fishing it. We did cut 16" of ice

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by fish/hunt4ever on Today at 06:39 PM »
Well been a busy day. Today was free cone day at DQ and we headed in and then got a message from someone who looked at the boat last night needing some paperwork for the bank to see what they will loan on the boat, so we will see how that goes. Turned around and headed for the house and the brakes locked up on the truck again. But this time the drivers side so ordered those parts as I spent 106 total with a 31.50 core charge and 20 bucks shipping as in town I spent 110 just on parts then 50 bucks for brake pads. So figured ordering them will save me a little bit, takes a little longer but will just take the jeep to pick up the boat. Hopefully fix the truck before the next expo for the wife and have it to pull the enclosed trailer full of their product.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Attention fellow knuckle heads
« Last post by DConICE on Today at 06:29 PM »
If I can help with the planning in any way - you know how to reach me - I'd be happy to help.
Has anyone verified that this site is legitimate?  I would like to purchase two of the pins, but there are so many scams out there these days.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Attention fellow knuckle heads
« Last post by Roccus on Today at 05:42 PM »
Even though I was going to miss it... still a bummer for those that planned to go.  I was hoping the snow might extend the season (got one more shot to get out on the 28th) but as wet as it was, and it was wet, I can see how it didn't help as much as I hoped it would.
Like you Joe, I am not a plank guy... maybe if I was light as a Flamingo I would be... but that ship sailed a long time ago.

Time to switch the truck over and put the gear away - maybe I'll get out on a decent place in the small boat or kayak on the 28th...

Thanks for trying Joe

It will be bigger and better next year, more time to.plan

Like Ray eluded too, the I've is getting  eaten away from all sides..the March sun is powerful, not even 18" of snow can slow down its effect, half of the ice we had was junk snow ice to begin with, .. funny as you get older how much respect you gain for things that you thought were no big deal 20  years ago.
Ice Fishing Maine / Re: Float suit.
« Last post by filetandrelease on Today at 05:28 PM »

 Congrats ,great deal 👍
Ice Fishing Montana / Re: dead
« Last post by esox_xtm on Today at 05:26 PM »
then whats the reason for this forum if not to share?

More about ideas than blowing up spots. Farcebook is a better option for tattletales.
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