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"re:agh dont throw away those disposable bic light
« on: Dec 16, 2002, 06:08 AM »
when your bic lighter will not light anymore, dont throw it away just yet . theres a spring just below the stike roller and flint in bic lighters , that you can use for a spring - tip bite indicator for the tip of your clumsy ice rod. to get the spring out from under the roller, and flint (" WARNING PLEASE DONT SMASH IT !). you need a pair of needlenose pliers, first you have to hold down on the round roller thats on top, you spin to make a spark. put the tip of your needlenose pliers in the hole where the flame comes out from,  :-/ slowly twist on each side to get it loose & free. next be sure you hold onto the roller while you get it free from the two sides that sticks up and holds it in place . ( " IF YOU DONT THE FLINT & SPRING WILL SHOOT OUT ACROSS THE ROOM.)under the roller theres a flint , then a spring .the springs are secured to the rod tip with a wire wrap or the spring itself.they can project straight off the tip , or bent at a angle to the side of the tip. the kind of line i use with this indicator is "nylon sewing thread" and is available from sewing shops or wal mart and also meijers store . and only use the line for panfish.       jim...  "bubba"   :)   central michigan
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