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I'm supprised to see there's been no mention of DeSoto Bend.  There are tons of people out there fishing right now and they are all catching crappies.  A buddy and I were out fishing there this morning and caught 30 some crappies (kept 5 for lunch), a white bass and a couple small eyes.  The crappies were generally small with a couple 10"ers thrown in.  The ice is good.  Anyone, anyone?

Thanks for the update on De Soto.

That lake is a lot of fun and we did fairly well on the Walleye one summer morning. We were fishing that deep water loaded with old dock piling near the boat ramp with rock jettys. Haven't been back since...

I was the Crappie seem to be roaming up high or are they hugging bottom close to structure? Is it true you can't night fish out there?

The crappie are mostly suspended at least 4' off the bottom. You are right that there is no fishing allowed at night.

just where is Desot Bend   :'(

Desoto Bend is an old oxbow of the Missouri River left when river was channelized. Main entrance is south side of Hiway 30 midway between Blair, Ne. and Mo. Valley, Iowa. It's a federal wildlife refuge.


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