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Places to fish near Sidney

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My mother-in-law moved to Sidney and I need to now of any good places to fish near Sidney sense I'll be there several times a year.

Well, you got Big Mac, Oliver, Box Butte, & Lake Ogalalla.  All these are the main lakes within a couple hours from Sidney.  Check the NGPC website for more of the smaller lakes.  Not real familiar with the western panhandle.  Have a buddy that has friends in Sidney and he fishes out there a few times a year.  I will ask him for a few more that hw might know off.

hey Arnold,

 you might have to drive about an hour and a half but let me Know and we can hook up for some good fishing around Scottsbluff Torrington area. It would definately be worth your time.

                james h.

Can I go, Can I go.................. ;D

I want to go -- PLEASE!! ;D


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