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Frozen1,Sandbilly, Gerald-You out there?


Hey guys,

How it goes?  Anyone getting the fever yet?  I'm starting too.  Only got 1 more open water trip planned for over Turkey day then I will be getting my stuff ready for Hard water.  Found some new areas to try this season.  Shouldn't have no problem freezing what water we have left.

Take care,


Good to here from ya, walleye4! I am ready for the hard water. It can't come soon enough.  ;D Hopefully, we will get some early ice this year and have a long season. See ya later!

Hi guys, well I am still out here. Had a very good year fishing in two bass clubs.  Was first place in one and seventh in the other.  While waiting for hard water I will be hunting with my new Yellow Lab, Reba, who is now  7 months old  she has a general grasp of what is expected of her but still acts like the puppy she is.  Be safe  and have fun  Gerald B.

Glad to hear from you guys.  Sounds like it is going to be cold this weekend with snow possible.   Sounds good to me.  We sure need the precip.   :'(  

Take care



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