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Pickled hammerhandles


Ronnie D:
I like to pickle the little ones & have played w/da mix using veggies & different flavor profiles quite a bit.
My question is : has anyone tried smoking em ' before brining. I love the flavor of smoked fish, but thinking they might fall apart after brining & too light a smoke wouldn't yield any taste. Any ideas?

They won't absorb brine properly after smoking. Yer supposed to brine  FIRST, THEN smoke... !  🐡

You could smoke the veggies.  That might impart a mild smoke flavor to pickle.  It would not be a smoke bomb and wouldn't affect the texture of the fish.

Ronnie D:
Not putting many fins on da ice for obvious reasons , so i had to stretch da catch w/ a trip to da veggie store & finish pickling a couple hammerhandles that were done brining.

Steamed da firm veggies for a few minutes to soften & added a shot of siricia to 2 jars for some extra heat giardeneria

Swift Tines


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