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Yesterday I went to a famous Houston BBQ joint for the first time in two years.

Got a sliced beef po boy, fries and a coke.


I'll be cuein my own from here on out.  And makin that chili.  Good job, Joe...

The chili looks great!  Haven't made mine this year, figgered out a pot of it will cost me over $26.  >:(


--- Quote from: Baetis62 on Nov 18, 2022, 09:59 PM ---I'm still trying to figure out a consistent brisket cook on my WSM.  About 50% come out perfect for slicing and Burnt Ends like you might get for $25/plate at the better Q places around here but it seems to be a matter of 3-5 degrees in the temp.  I've found Chili is the best use for a flat that might be a little past perfect (dry).  Looking forward to trying this.

--- End quote ---
Brisket is very unforgiving. Like you said a few degrees makes a big difference. I love my WSM! I've found a bunch of info on

That Chili recipe looks great!! I will be saving that. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Brew...Ill have a look!


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