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Sous Vide Chicken

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Our instapot does suse.  It's awesome!

Jameson maybe a little too sweet to infuse pickles but it didn't turn out too bad, I drank it.  Was like a built-in pickle-back.  However, the pickles that I used during sous vide process turned out ridiculous after being soaked in Jameson and slightly heated for 6.5 hours. 

Cheers gents!

Sousvide fried chicken sandwiches are legit. Marinate boneless thighs in pickel juice, then sousvide. It will look pathetic when it comes out of the bag, but dredge in seasoned flour and/or breading and deep fry it.  You don't have to worry about cooking the chicken, just getting a good crisp on the outside. Never overcooked, never undercooked.

We mainly use sous vide for steaks, especially rib-eyes. 

I have also done venison sous vide the night before and then just reheat in a pan real quick on the ice for lunch. Dang, its good!


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