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Sous Vide Chicken

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My daughter's a chef/caterer in H-ton.  She came for a couple day staycation before starting a job.

She brought her sous vide machine w/ her.  We made Cajun spiced chicken breasts.  They were outstanding. After 2 hrs @ 145 F they were done to a turn.  A quick sear of both sides in a screamin hot iron skillet and time to eat!

Served w/ a cherry & feta spinich salad, rice & gravy and honey-garlic glazed carrots.

That chicken was moist, tender and flavorful.  It was nothing like the dry, tough breast meat from the oven, grill or skillet that we've all experienced.

Now I've gotta put a diy sous vide machine on my project list...

Ya, they're great....if ya follow directions explicitly. Easy way to give yerself food poisoning if ya don't
Most people don't realize a lot of restaurants do their steaks that way, then onto the grill for that quick final sear. Have a buddy that does EVERYTHING Souse Vide. Has for years, never had an issue. Another buddy tried it, got himself sicker than a dog by not using it properly. 'Course, lots of people can't cook chicken without drying it out, either. Never had that issue. Enjoy the Sous Vide! PS...from my buddy that does it, he's had a few, and I guess an Anova is one of the best out there...but they aren't cheap.

I love mine. I took a hole saw to a small cooler. It works great. You can buy cheep cuts of meat and cook them for a long time. Set the temp wherever you like and it will never get above that.
There's a bunch of info on the inter-webs on cooking times.

Good job! Perfect fit for a couple o' skwirrels TOO!  :woot:

I just talked myself into doing a chuck roast. I picked up one in the "vintage meat" section for $7. I shook some Kinders "The Blend" seasoning on it, put it in a bag and put it in 136 water. Gonna do it for 30 hours, should be ready for dinner tomorrow. Doesn't get much easier then that. Poor man prime rib.


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