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question on dead bait rigs


 I always use live bait, and circle hook rigs , for easy release on undersize fish.  I buy a couple dozen suckers , shiners, or whatever, and put them in an a tank with aerator. but day to day, they die off. so, I decided they are going to the lake, I salted and put in baggie and in freezer. I went out spearing, and put up 2 traps with dead bait. I could not keep flags down, and di manage to get one keeper. , but mostly had stolen bait. I have heard , dead bait needs to be watched better then live bait, not sure why., but I am thinking , I may need to loose the circle hook rigs , and go to treble, or quickstrike, when using dead bait. I had 2 traps, and about 14 dead minnows, ran out of bait. Thoughts on rigs for dead bait?Thanks

we use dead creek chubs from summer.  frozen then thawed when we need them and use dual treble hook rig and that seems to get the job done.

I use a single circle hook with dead baits (chubs or smelt) and hotdogs.  If your lake has a lot of smaller pike, then perhaps reduce your bait size.  One lake that I fish has a lot of smaller pike and they tend to be bait thieves.  I cut hotdog in half when I fish there, and that has helped catch the little thieves.  They end up pickled :)


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