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Finding pike


Hi all. New to the forum and ice angling too. 
Just wondering if pike should be found under ice, in the same areas that I often catch them in the summer?

I don't have any kind of electronics. My plan is to just put a few holes in likely spots and jig hard baits.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Same places but fish the sunny spots and I hang shiners or suckers dead or alive
Jigging can be tough

Thanks for the tips.

Esox fisherman:
From what i know weedbeds with prey near creeks or areas leading to spawning grounds the south end of conesus lake is a prime example

in our natural lakes we get them back in bays, at the mouths of bays, by inlets, necked down areas between basins, off steep main lake drops around points inside bends and humps.  in deep clear lakes we have set 15ft down over 30feet of water.  some real bruisers come from the deep.  remember pike are migraters at ice-out.  if you have a lake fed by a river/creek they can push way up it!


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