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What hook sizes on your tip ups with shiners/minnows?

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I instantly felt better about my fishing abilities..
 I run a single hook with all bait
Regs, but it makes sense

8s. You can catch a really big fish on a pretty small hook. You donít need more and the bait will swim more natural imo wearing a smaller hook

Size 6 or 8 gold trebels on my tip up lines. Normally use medium or large golden shiners.

Or I'll sometimes dead stick for larger pike, but still the size 6 or 8 trebel.

For some reason, I don't get as many bites with the red hooks

I never use trebles, depends on bait size. Usually using 8s and 10s. Sometime a 4 with big baits for pike and togue. Gama bait holder hooks.

I know one other guy who doesn't use trebels, he still catches fish. A hook is a hook. I just use what works for me


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