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paid a visit to Henry co.

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From Indy drove ENE to the State Park.  Most of the lake has some ice but I didn't see anything that looked safe.  It was 47deg at 3:00 and what little ice
there was looked rather sketchy with a fair amount of shore melt  I checked the campground, the main ramp and beaver bay and so no signs of any having been out. I walked out to the end of the piers and the spud went through after just two whacks - about 1.5 inches.  Main lake, as far as I could tell was open and was holding
about 500 canadas.  I left the park and drove to the causway and saw a few guys about 50 yards out from shore but didnt stop to fish.  Hopefully the cold will hold
and in a few days things will improve

fish on,


Rivereddy I was there today and your right most of the park is not safe yet but there is some safe ice at the causeway I measured an honest 4" but did not venture far. Bite was very tough also. Good times ahead if it stays cold. 😉

Spudsed absolute junk just north of you. No fish worth that pucker.
Through too many times!

Made the same run again today, and if anything, there was more open water on the main body than the other day.
BUT, some of the bays looked bettter and there were several guys out near the causeway. Gonna pay the lake a
call Monday.   Made a detour and ran up to a reservoir near Muncie. Saw a lot of open water.  Saw a couple of guys
in one of the bays..

fish on,


5-6 on the causeway today, mixed bag nothing picture worthy. Didn't move around much, too slick for my clete's


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