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I personally really like the ice master gold's. :tipup:

As I just said in other posts, I have had very good luck with Polar. Go out to the local lakes and see what others are using and what you like.

Finally I bought Maine Wood Trap.

I will describe my feeling.
Polar Tip-Up-The flag is too short. I am going for pikes, Lakers that means I cover big area of the lake. In the deep snow easy to see the flag(Maine Wood Trap is beter for me).
Polar Tip-Up The there is problem with flag in the wind day. Perfect -Maine Wood Trap
Polar Tip-Up is plastic tip up. I have Windlass Tip-up and I broke them few times in the cold weather.

Maine Wood Trap not good for small fish like small trout. When I am going for trout I am using  Windlass Tip-up.

I Hope it will help to choose right one.


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