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Whatcha makin' for lunch or dinner today?

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Snow in the fcast this coming week...but it's 65* and beautiful right now, applewood smoked slab pigger steak, sauce on the side, macaroni salad with red and green peppers, steakhouse beans with a bite (a bit of chipotle pepper added)  Black olives, green tops and radishes for the complements....too full for dessert!  :P   :pinch:

Had fish and chips at the hotel tonight.


 Bone in pork chops , green beans, mashed with Gravy
 Bourbon Manhattan for dessert

Perch filets and French fries.

me and the boy snacked on some fresh grilled deer hart.  tonight its deer liver and onions i think.  wife was talking about some deer philli cheese steak rolls also last night.


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