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Jon boat fish basket/net


So there was a guy out of Fort Wayne that sold on ebay net live wells for Jon boats a year or so ago. I had it saved and never got around to buying one. Was hoping some one knew him or he was on here. It looked like a normal net that clamped to the side of the boat and the net extend like 36" into the water. Anyone have any leads on who this was or how to get one? Similar to the old frabill net/basket design.

Fry Flier:
You can try here.....

I have one that has a pin that goes into the oarlock. If you live close enough to come get it you can have it. ( Fulton County) I believe I got it at Ye Old Tackle Box in Webster years ago.

Well I do appreciate the responses I found one.

I have 1 also, Bought it around 30 years ago. Haven't used it in a long time (ever since I have a boat). Just love the way you could just pitch them in without fussing with a lid or flap of some kind.


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