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used an 8 inch auger for the least 11 years, caughed a 20.25lb pike fit through with room to spare, but I finally changed to a 10inch hole, I catch and release, and my regular 14lb tigers and pike were starting to get scales scrapped on the side of the hole. If you just pike fisihing for eater size or fun, and 8 inch hole is plenty, Have fun. Wood tip ups work better with a 10 inch hole, just for not being able to fall in

I use 8" all year for pike, but switch to 10" towards the end of the season.

An 8” hole is fine for most pike but you’ll have trouble turning their head through thick ice once they get over 40”. 8” holes freeze up and shrink on cold days too. A 10” auger makes it much easier to land big fish.

It's amazing what huge fish will fit through an 8 inch hole.  At the same time, amazing at what small fish you will lose in that 8 inch hole too.

I had a Jiffy 30/10 handed down by Dad and after stepping into it a few times during late season slush I sold it for cheap.  Went Tanaka/Nils 8, Milwaukee/Nils 6 and Rigid/Nero 7.  I am all set.  Lighter, safer and happy.  Last time I went thru the 10" hole it hurt like a b for days and I was a long ways from getting back to the truck and still had a 3 hour drive back home. Black & blue for a while.

I get why the guys up North might need 10 to step/punch the thickest ice and extend the season but as far as a few big Pike or Lakers that won't fit thru an 8 I'll pass. 


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