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what hole size does everyone prefer for targeting pike? 8, 9, or 10 inch? I currently only have 8 inch augers. I know of some used jiffys with the 9 inch bit.

I have never targeted pike but would like to. I have also never had a problem getting the biggest lake Winnipeg walleye up an 8  inch hole. not sure about a 4 foot pike though. Some guys say you need a 10, while others say a 8 is fine.

I have some round tipups that look like according to the tape measure they would fit right down a 10 inch hole.

8" is fine, especially with the round tipups, they'll barely cover a 10" hole.

Main problem I see with smaller holes is getting the head turned right to go into the hole. Pike are long and skinny, same with trout and perch, so even 7” and smaller are usually fine but can be a pain. I usually fish with a 7” lazer on a clam plate and “older” M18 drill, but I bought a eskimo 8” for when I go after lake trout and pike.

8” is fine. You catch a pike to big for an 8” hole, well, I guess call it good day! :tipup:

Mostly depends on the size of pike you're on. A four footer while not unheard of is uncommon pretty much everywhere. I've landed hundreds of pike through an 8" hole over the years and only had a handful or so that were challenging (those, save one, were muskies) and one that just wouldn't fit at all. Larger holes are nice if your average size is mid-30" and up and a real plus if you've got over 20" of ice. Downsides to bigger holes are your tipups sliding down or making a hazard to step into later. Not to mention just toting a larger drill...


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