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Artic Char


Any advice, on bait or lure for artic char. having bad luck tring to catch artic char throw the ice.I'm using a yellow wire hook with a maggot on it.Only about 10 fish for 30 hours of fishing.any tips would be great.THKS

How big are the Char in the lake your fishing?  We have Char that are all various sizes, requiring different kinds of bait and or lures.  Barleydog

Barleydog, the char re about 4 to 6 in a farmer's stock with rainbow trout. Lots of fresh water shrimp in the dugout plus in the summer the guy feeds the fish pellets. Your help would be great.

Myfishstory, Maybe the best bait would be some of those pellets that the farmer throughs into the pond? ;)  Fish that size seem to be on the borderline of using large bait like cut bait on jigs or using smaller jigs like pimples or ghost jigs tipped with squid or shrimp.  You may try some small pieces of raw shrimp or some cut minnows or herring.  I had fish 3-4 lbs. hit tip-ups loaded with 6-7" herring but could never hook them due to the bait size.  I found that using half the fish on a jig worked wildly, would trigger the fish.  Most of them would hit when the bait would rest a brief moment before the jigging started again.  If the pond is deep and the fish are running deeper, (20-30 Ft.) try a small flasher tied about 8" above the bait.  I used a #000 les davis chrome flasher with some mixed success in the past.  Worth a try eh?  Rattle traps and crocodiles have been popular here for many fishermen, they may also help trigger a strike?  Let us know how you do!  Never hurts to learn from others success or failures!


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