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Ouch....had my booty handed to me tonight!

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Kid and I headed out this evening and started hammering the gills! I was catchin em alright, about 4 or 5 inchers and not 10 feet away from me Kid was filling his bucket with nice 8 and 9 inchers! Now I'm not the jealous type but c'mon. Fishin the same water, same color jigs, same size jigs......only thing I can figure is it must of been that frozen pair of Jeans Kid was wearing. (you're laughing right now huh Kid?) Those crusty Levi's must have been putting off some sort of vibe! I ended up with maybe 6 good ones and He.....Well lets just say I might need pscychiatric counseling!

it must be the asphalt scent he uses on them jigs ;D

Same thing happen to me Mark on Thursday,we were at a pond and Mofield got 31,I got 14 and Chad got 15,but guess what,the next day I smoked they're butts,did ok today at Summit today,the water was gushing back up in the holes,I drilled the heak out of holes so the water would make its way to the top and melt the snow,gonna go to West Lafayette tommorrow and watch the "BOILERS" wrestle,and Ill be back on the ice Sunday,be careful,and good luck,


PS:Hey Kid did Terry Brockman call you about a new hut,I gave em you're Number.

LOL  I caught one more fish than JigumUp

I bet anything the kid catching the fish was fishing at a different level.  I've seen a few times out fishing where the bigger gills would suspend 4 or 5 feet off the bottom, while the small gills were on the bottom...I've also seen it where the big gills were glued to the bottom, while the smaller fish were suspended off the bottom.


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