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Prairie Creek is lookin' screwed

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Checked the bays today and there is about 1 inch of ice. Now the bad news.....there is also about 7 inches of air between the ice and the water. I hope its just around the bank and that the water is tight to the ice out further but I'm skeptical. If they don't stop letting water out before the main body freezes we could be done!

Sounds like we may be in for a rough go at the Creek, air and all in between the ice and they still have to drain 5-6 more feet out of it.

This could become Summit Bonanza!

Well Looks like I have to drive a little further now. But Oh well fish on.

That's ok Kid - you can hit Summit and join the 500 other people out there.  :-\ I'll be staying away from summit this year. 4-years ago, I tore up some nice perch and red-ear there.  Then the Indiana Fisherman article came out and so did the crowds - ain't been the same place since (can get bluegills anywhere). 


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