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Anyone here ice fish Bass Lake in Knox Indiana?


farmer ted:
Hello, does anyone here fish this lake, and if so, what do you target? I fish Bass just about every day there is ice. I go after walleye and crappie, Morings before sun up-10:30-11:00 or an hour before dark till midnight- 1am.

I'm heading out this afternoon,gill's,perch,crappie,but mostly walleye first trip of the year can't wait. ;D     

STAY OFF THE SOUTH END!!! Ice close to shore is good but 100yrds or so out 1.5" and this is the shollow end of the lake ! My buddies and I ended up over by the beach. A good 3''of ice. Fishing was slow.We caught 1 white bass a piece  >:( had a lot of lookers . Anyone else do any better  ;D


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